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 Dear Prospective Massage Seeker:

My name is Safiyah Walcott and I am a Neuromuscular Therapist whom focuses on pain reduction, increased healing time, and increased ROM in my practice as an allied health practitioner. As a graduate of the renowned Atlanta School of Massage located in Sandy Springs Georgia, I can attribute all of my knowledge to this program taken in 2004-2005.
As I continue to seek the reasons that people experience pain I realized that mental and emotional stressors equal physical pain. Many Americans are pushed through high levels of tension and stress daily that the body doesn't seem to be strong enough to sustain. From the desk worker to the athlete, muscle tension and over usage are key factors to pain and injury.
Once massage becomes a practice you will notice a change in how to respond to stressors in your life. You will learn when long hours at the desk affect your body, mood and energy level. You will notice how massage affects your level of play on the football field or basketball court. For issues of fatigue and sleeplessness, you will soon see how massage affects blood flow, focus and energy levels and for the person living in pain….even your pain levels will be decreased.
By making massage a regular practice in your life and learning the total benefits of massage therapy, make sure to use massage as your first line of defense in pain        reduction. In cases of repetitive movements, over usage, poor posture, accident and injury or chronic and acute pain...massage can help!

*Myofascial Release *Trigger Point Therapy *Swedish Massage *Deep Tissue Massage *Neuromuscular Therapy *Performance Enhancement Sports Massage *Shiatsu *Reflexology* Prenatal Massage* Perinatal Massage *Craniosacral Therapy *Energy and Emotional Release *Postural Deviation *Corrective Techniques

  *Styles and Modalities:
              Neuromuscular Re-education
               Improves balance, coordination, and posture.
               To restore normal movement.
               Pain Reduction Techniques
              *Therapeutic Exercise
               Improves circulation and promotes relaxation.
              To release contracted muscles, tendons, and fascia.
               To restore normal biomechanical function.
             *Range of Motion Techniques
              To help with the mobility and function of the body.
               Restores proper movement of the body; reduces pain and stiffness
Special Interests:
Sports Injuries
Chronic Low Back Strain
Post Surgical
Back, Neck and Shoulder
Muscle Strain

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