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Two massage terms often arise in the process of between medical or clinical massage and wellness massage. I primarily use sports and (clinical or medical) techniques and approach my work with a clinical intention in my massage practice. There is a clinical approach with some of my wellness clients as well. The primary tool is to use tension reducing massage techniques  when the need for it is appropriate. Both types of massage can be used interchangeably and that is based on the physical, mental and needs of the client.
Basic massage has been found to , joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, .
Many circumstances bring the need for massage. Life itself is the main stressor that causes the need to receive . If you are need massage!
Would you believe that the repetitive movements we make everyday cause the need to high stress and tension levels in ? Even when we are asleep we are putting stress on out neck, back and shoulders without knowing it! By sitting behind a desk, computer, , for long periods or even throwing or kicking a ball in the same manner causes most of us to endure injuries. injuries can be alleviated by proper of massage and incorporating its into your monthly practices. Don't hesitate in being healthier, happier and pain free!
This is your time to tension from your body and be pain free!
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